Photograph, provided by his daughter, likely taken in 1930 or 1931.


World's Fair of 1940Caption: A quintet of charming Southern belles from the Tennessee and Florida State exhibits at the World’s Fair of 1940 in New York dress up in cotton picking attire and “go back home” for a spell. They are shown atop a bale of cotton and a Rust Cotton Picker, the largest invention on display at the Hall of Inventions at the Fair. The machine was invented by the Rust brothers of Memphis, Tenn. (from Leo Casey, director of publicity, World’s Fair of 1940 in New York)

On the picker is written: “Rust Cotton Picker. This is the machine that attracted world wide attention in 1936 when it was demonstrated at the Delta Experiment Station. Stoneville, Miss. Loaned for this exhibit by Rust Cotton Picker Co.”